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Hi! I’m Dahlia Raz, and I am an artist. Whether you've been following me for a while on social media or are just now discovering what I do, welcome! 

A bit about me: Over the last decade I have been painting, collaging, building, designing - and sharing my journey online.  

Over the last year I have created art installations, murals and pop up shops in Boston and New York. 

Over the last 3 years my audience has grown to over 200k followers on TikTok and over 80k on Instagram. The world was shut down while more and more of you were connecting with me, and I had no way of meeting you in person for the longest time. Things got better in the world and I was able to do pop ups, and art shows. Finally I was able to meet so many of you amazing people!!! It was thrilling. 

I wanted to connect with you all more- not just once every few months. I wanted to build a space in which me and you could feel creative and excited to be alive. Whether you've been following me for years, or are just now finding me because of my space, Welcome!

For months I researched locations, and soon I will be announcing the address of Studio Dahlia Raz. Stay tuned to see where in Massachusetts it will be.

What will you find at Studio Dahlia Raz? 

1. Me: I will be there creating often.

2. My art: I will be displaying and selling my original paintings.

3. Fashion: Clothes I’ve designed, as well as one of a kind pieces will be available to buy 

4. Accessories: I make laser cut jewelry, earrings, necklaces and more 5. Home decor: coasters, mirrors, wall hangings and more can be found here - all made and designed by me.

6. Inspiring Art supplies: all with inspiring art and sayings to help you create

7. My book: I wrote a book - Shit Art is Better than No Art - and you can buy it and have it signed by me

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